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Mindray VS-600 Vital Sign Monitor

RM 4,650.00




Spot-Check Vital Signs


Exceptionally affordable, easy-to-use Spot-Check Vital Signs monitor.
 VS-600 is a compact, easy-to-use monitor designed to satisfy all your basic Vital Signs monitoring needs.


Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients, VS-600 is well-adapted for any department where quick, reliable physiological measurements are required - and, since it is affordable - you can consider VS-600 for any area of the hospital in which Spot-Check Vital Signs is needed.


Equipped with lithium-ion battery technology, this powerful monitor can keep up with you on even your busiest shifts.


With built-in carrying handle, rolling stand, wall, IV pole and bed mounting options, accompanied by a robust, lightweight design, VS-600 is ready to serve as your everyday Spot-Check monitor.


  • Weighing less than 2 kg., its lightweight design provides a highly mobile, Spot-Check solution.
  • Standard parameters include non-invasive blood pressure, Mindray SpO2, and pulse rate.
  • Bright 5.7" LCD display provides optimal visibility.
  • Up to 22 hours of monitoring with the extended battery option.
  • Very easy to use - only 4 buttons and no menu's
  • Optional rolling stand, with ample storage space and sturdy design, provides a convenient means of performing Spot-Check Vital Signs on the go. Or opt for a wall mount if the VS-600 needs to be static.

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