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PREORDER RuthLee Heavy-Adult Rescue Manikin

RM 10,200.00

RuthLee Heavy-Adult Rescue Manikin

  • Anatomically correct weight distribution to give the ‘feel’ of an unconscious casualty.
  • Tough enough to withstand being buried under concrete or steel lintels.
  • Soft body joints eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising; common injuries when using plastic bodied manikins.
  • An immobilisation/extrication collar can be fitted around the neck of our adult manikins to promote proper casualty care.
  • Comes complete with overalls, boots and separate Nomex hood to cover the head, which are easily replaced if damaged.

This manikin is made of the material that is uninflamma and thus provides a good balance between temperature resistance, durability, and abrasion resistance. The general construction is similar to the universal manikin which using heavy canvases. However, it is reinforced with a 38mm nomex fabric instead of polypropylene straps that would melt at high temperatures.


Nomex is the material of most manufacturers of non-flammable suits, and the outer dummy conforms to EN11612. The separate hood is also made of nomex and completely covers and protects the head and torso.


This non-flammable dummy can withstand a constant temperature of 160 ° C, which is the average knee temperature in a closed training area. The ceiling can reach up to 400 ° C.


Although the manikin is primarily designed for rescue training in extreme temperature conditions, it is also strong enough to be placed under heavy objects and thus offers a wide range of applications. Available in five weights of 10 - 70 kg and sizes.

This is a pre-order item. Approximately 2-8 weeks needed to import and send to receiving address. However, we always try our best to shorten the delivery time.  Please do not place order if you're not able to accept this term. 

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